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Which make us different from other consultants

Support for providing safe, secured and comfortable services as an Indonesian company subsidiary of the company which is owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Corporate customer
(Mainly for general affairs and human resources development department)

As a specialized company for "General Affairs & Human Resources Development", we comprehensively correspond such as supplier's management, service improvement, inquiry from employees or family members on behalf of the department in charge.

Individual customer
(Expats, business traveler, family)

Fully support in Japanese all the necessary procedure for the whole life after arriving at Indonesia till going back to Japan.

Our Clients

Clients who have proven our awesome work

As a specialized company for "General Affairs & Human Resources Development", we provide comprehensive/one-stop support service on behalf of the customers regarding "Requests, consultation and troubles from expats/business travelers" which department in charge of the customers have corresponded so far.

Support the arrangement. scheduling, operation management, correspondence to troubles/complaints
Visa Arrangement
Air ticket arrangement
Escort at airport
Hotel, residence arrangement
Correspondence to inquiries
Housing (House)
(Contract of smart phone)
Bank account
Signing of a contract
Improve/ instruct operation

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways.

Our effort for COVID-19
For your secured and safety travel/local life, we are making various approaches to COVID-19.

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Our company fully support to arrange the local infrsatructure such as apartment & house, VISA, drivers, vehicles, mobile phone and maid, which will provide secured & comfortable stay for expats and family members.

Please feel free to contact us.

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